Gather all the information you need about products on Amazon with Keepa

15/February/2020 16:44

Keepa is the leading online tool for watching prices and tracking products on Amazon. It is designed to give a history of product sales as well as rank. This tool can easily be used if embedded in the browser as an extension. For instance, if you chrome is your favorite browser, then all you need to do is to download Keepa Chrome extension

3 Key Keepa features which help in gathering information

There are 3 features that are designed to help get the pricing information on Amazon. However, they can only apply to Amazon marketplaces in Canada, Mexico, United States, Japan, France, India, China, Australia, Germany, UK and Brazil. The advantage of Keepa chrome is that the data acquired can be exported. Let’s have an overview of the Keepa features available.


This the ultimate point to start browsing products on Keepa plugin. They can vary depending on your taste and preferences. The deal type can be based on the discount offered, cost and price drop time interval.


This is the key section where you can monitor and track your products as well as the wishlists. Here, you can receive notifications concerning the products you are tracking. Therefore, it eases the way of doing business because it keeps you updated every moment.


Here, you will get the most amazing tools to jumpstart your sales on Amazon. The key tools include:

  • Product Finder – it involves finding products that match any criteria on the entire Keepa database. As a result, you will be able to easily find a product of your interest which so long as it is available on the Keepa database.

keepa chrome extension

  • Product Viewer – this will be very useful when viewing the prices and product details at once. You can also import or export item lists and simplify your product analysis process using this tool.


  • Best Seller’s List – it is very important to have a glue of what is trending on Amazon based on the available categories. On Keepa Amazon, the lists are always sorted using an algorithm that ensures that there are daily updates.

keepa app

  • Top Seller’s List – viewing the top-selling merchants on Amazon is always a plus to laying a perfect strategy for selling on Amazon. You can click on any seller and view his/her metrics as well as the storefront. Normally, the list is usually sorted based on the ratings which the merchant has.

keepa plugin

  • Category Tree – upon getting the bestseller list, you can browse the full category tree on Amazon which is in line with the lists of the best seller.

keepa review

  • Keepa API – it gives you availability and actual pricing. This is also one of the tools which are paid for under the Keepa Amazon.


How to check the price history of the product on Amazon with Keepa

After installing Keepa in your favorite web browser, you are ready to go. Follow the steps below to check the price history of a product on Amazon.

1.      Launch your favorite browser

2.      Open Amazon web page: amazon.com

3.      Select an item that you are interested in buying

4.      Go to the bottom page after the description of the product to get the info by Keepa

5.      Tap on the button “Price history”

After opening the pricing history tab, you should lay a lot of focus in the Amazon chart which displays the price history fulfilled by Amazon and product sold within the previous three months. In addition, you have the option of expanding the view by using the range option so that you can easily determine if the product is giving you a good deal.

The light purple graph will display the price history of the product based on the results gathered from third-party sellers.

The dark graph is going to show the lowest price of the used product but the information might have been extracted from either Amazon or third-party sellers.

Besides, the graph will also display Warehouse deals on Amazon that do not appear regularly. Such deals appear with a purple mark X.

Final thought!

Keepa is the perfect tool to help sellers and buyers watch pricing history. It is the alternative method because all you need to do is to add on your favorite browser and start using it. As for the app, you only need to subscribe to your convenient plan.

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