How to Sell Books on Amazon

13/February/2020 22:17

selling books on amazon

Ways of selling books on Amazon – The Ultimate Guide.

How to sell books on Amazon?

Make sure you are an Amazon member before start selling books on Amazon . The process starts by registering yourself on Amazon website.Make sure you have an active account with a password of your choice. Now that you have a regular account, you can setupa seller account by navigating to the account settings page.

This is followed by two subscriptions that you can choose.

  • Individual subscription - Zero fee for subscription however, a margin of $0.99 is to be kept for the platform for every product sold.Up to 40 items can be sold every month.
  • Professional Subscription- Monthly subscription fee of $39.99 is to be paid plus platform commission on every sale you make. With this, you are offered access to inventory report spreadsheets.

 Last but not the least one; for every product sold, you will need to enter the payment information in order to get payment for every trade you make. It will ask you for valid account information and then you can proceed with seller's account configuration.This will be followed by the email verification process through Amazon.


Amazon book selling idea is one of the best ideas that anyone could ever get as only 45% of books are sold in the US.The very first option is to write a book and get the help from Amazon for getting it published. The other option is to sell your used books that are left in basements of your home, or shelves. Just get the listings ready for your books that you will be selling on Amazon easily.

Looking for the best way to make real money online? Learn about book selling and then understand what type of book seller you want to be. In case you have an idea to sell books on Amazon to earn profit, make sure you know the right cost of the book and chances of getting it sold on Amazon.

Reasons to start selling books on Amazon

Earning easy and safe money is the ultimate reason to sell books on this platform. In just one click, all the money that you have earned can be transferred to your bank account. Also, you can use IO Scout to make a better decision. You don’t have to go through any hassle.

A good amount of money can be made but it completely depends on how you trade in books.

If you think you are a good writer, then you can write a book and get it published by Kindle. This can help you set the price of your book on your own.

Ways to sell books on Amazon

As you are planning to sell books on Amazon platform, you need to ensure that books are in good condition. In case the book is not in the good condition, its ranking will go down and it will be difficult for you to earn a great profit.

Although you can sell any book on this platform, be it in bad condition or good one. They could be literatures, novels, textbooks, recipes, and etc. You can sell your self-written books as Amazon can help you publish your books too.

Selling books on this platform can get you giant profits.

Sourcing books to sell on Amazon

Now that you have understood everything about book selling idea, the question appears “where to start”. Simply, look around at your home! We are sure that you will find some books that are no more of your use and are good to be sold on Amazon.

You can visit a local bookseller for any clearance sale, garage or estate books sale around you, local libraries near you check if they have some books on sale. Buying books in bulk is a great idea as you can save a lot of money.

sell books to amazon

Survey online stores like; eBay, Craigslist, and Thrift books for used books on sale in bulk and calculate if you can earn profit out of them. But buying books on an online store can be a little risky, financially. It’s better to go, get the books in bulk from any yard sale.

How to start selling books on Amazon?

The idea of selling books on this platform is better than any idea of selling a product. Organize all the books that you want to sale using Master Listing according to their prices and conditions.

Step 1

FBM – After creating the listing on Amazon, you will get the order from customer. You just have to pack the item and ship it by yourself. If you have a good network, you can master this.

Step 2

Amazon vendor (AMZ): Using this service, you directly sell your books to Amazon through its vendor services. It is an amazing service that can help you get rid of packing and delivering process.

Step 3

FBA – This service helps you get rid of packing and delivering process. The platform will do it for you for a small fee.


Now that I have around 9 months of experience in book selling, I switched to a private label to work full time. I am sure that you have understood everything about book selling on this giant platform. Now it’s your time to sell books on this platform.


Q1. Can I earn a good profit by selling books on Amazon ?

Answer: In case you have an idea of selling a product on this platform, good profit is obviously expected as the platform is home for buyers.

Q2. How many books are there on Amazon?

Answer: There are approximately 310 Million active buyers for books on Amazon.

Q3. Is book selling idea on this platform a beneficial one?

Answer: Customers with Amazon have accounted for over $178 billion in sales in just one year. Now you know how important it can be for you.

Q4. Can Amazon bring Future changes to their policies? 

Answer: Amazon has full control over service fees and is free to change its policies, no matter if their customers or buyers like it or not.

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