What Are the Best Alternatives to Jungle Scout

12/February/2020 03:45

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Amazon Inc provides an opportunity for people to make money online through its expansive Amazon marketplace. For you to sell on Amazon, you need to be aware of the fact that it takes some amount of product research to arrive at a product with impressive purchase potential. Luckily, today, multiple tools such as Jungle Scout can support your product research. While Jungle Scout is quite common for product research, sometimes you may feel the need to use an additional tool to choose profitable products, which is why today we will talk about other jungle scout alternatives .

1. Helium 10

This is another option like jungle scout that can help research for highly competitive products to sell. Helium 10 possesses a dozen tools to assist in scaling, optimizing, and managing your Amazon business. Visit the IO Scout https://ioscout.io/product-finder and find a products to sell on Amazon. This alternative to jungle scout is more accurate and possesses exciting keyword filter options. Helium, unlike other Amazon FBA tools, is free for use. Although the free package is limited, Helium can help a lot with your product research. A paid plan for this tool goes for as low as $17 and as high as $97 monthly charges. Interestingly, you can purchase the tools individually on the Helium 10 product research tool on the A la Carte Plan. Other payment plans include the diamond and platinum plans.

2. Viral Launch

This alternative encapsulates multiple product research tools. Just like Helium 10, it offers impressive product results. The first tool is Market Intelligence Tool, which analyzes the history of price and sales of the product. Another alternative tool is its Product Discovery Tool, which enables you to find multiple products alongside their niches. Another tool is its keyword research tool, which gives you the proper optimization of the keyword in your listing. Other capabilities of Viral Launch include:

  • It provides estimations of investment costs to identify whether the product is worth the investment.
  • Offers market analysis whereby data from analysis allows you to identify market trends and predict the potential of purchase on the listing.
  • The listing analysis highlights errors in your product listing as well as tips to optimize the listing for better visibility and more conversion rates.

3 IO Scout

This tool helps you to identify products that have lesser competition but with high demand in the marketplace. IO scout improves your listing by making sure your products sell quickly. The tool also allows you to create filters that get close to products that are more profitable. To get IO Scout, you need to subscribe with either $29, $49 or $69 based on the nature of your needs. 

4. Sellics

Sellics is another product research option besides jungle scout. Sellics comes with exciting product research features such as Amazon’s Pay per Click, reviews, product tracking, Amazon SEO, product search, inventory management, and competitor analysis. Advantages of the Sellics tool are namely:

  • Easy to use
  • Great web app
  • Offers useful data

Sellics comes in three options, namely the Vendor, Seller, and Agency Editions. Vendor Edition is good for a large company; seller edition is suitable for an Amazon FBA, whereas agencies can will find Agency edition more appropriate.

5. AMZ Scout

This tool is quite similar to Jungle Scout , given they also exist as a web app and as an extension on Chrome. AMZ comes with excellent capabilities such as tracking products, finding profitable products and the niches, and even calculate your product's FBA cost. Moreover, AMZ enables you to do analysis on the competition for your products and listing on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. Furthermore, during seasons and holidays. Lastly, you can manage your listing's PPC campaigns on AMZ Scout. The highest plan is Business Plan, which goes for $ 59.99; another plan is a Start Plan, which goes for $39.99, whereas the cheapest plan is at around $29.99 each paid monthly.

6. Feedvisor

Feedvisor is AI-based. The tool allows sellers and brands to enhance product conversion rates and boost revenue. With Feedvisor tool, Amazon experts can optimize ads, strategies, brands, and prices. On Feedvisor, you will find separate performance and advertising dashboards, among other product listing insights boards.

7. Channel Advisor

Channel Advisor is an alternative to jungle scout web app . On the platform, customers can connect with multiple audiences on search engines, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Newegg, and comparison sites. Channel Advisor’s user-interface allows consumers to manage product listing, analysis of data, price optimizations, keywords, and inventory availabilities.

One common question that budges any new seller is how they will be able to store, package, and ship products. The answer is simple; Amazon has a service known as Fulfilment by Amazon, responsible for storage, packaging, and delivery. A common question may be, " How much does Amazon FBA cost ?”

The cost will depend on the category of your product listing. Generally, it is about 15 percent or less of your sale. You can check online for Amazon’s FBA rates structure.

In a nutshell

Now that you know top alternatives to jungle scout, it is time to choose one that works for you, enjoy product research, and start making some real money on Amazon. Success all the way up!

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